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Rocketship Texas

Elevating the Public Education Ecosystem in Tarrant County

Nearly 70% of third-graders from disadvantaged families in Tarrant County are not reading on grade level – the vast majority are students of color. If students don’t learn to read by third grade, they can’t read to learn in fourth grade and beyond – putting them at high risk of falling chronically behind. Rocketship Texas is uniquely suited to join the coalition of changemakers working to solve this challenge in Tarrant County. By focusing exclusively on elementary education, our model is designed to help improve the entire system of public education in Tarrant County. When our prepared students and engaged parents move on to attend different middle schools across Tarrant County, those schools will welcome students who are ready for the rigors of middle school and parents who know how to advocate for their students, partner with educators, and hold leaders accountable.

Our Superintendent

Rocketship Texas is led by SaJade Miller, a proven education leader born and raised in Southeast Fort Worth’s Stop 6 neighborhood. Mr. Miller has dedicated his entire career working to eliminate the racial achievement gap in Texas. He began as a teacher for Fort Worth ISD and rose through the ranks to become the proud principal of Dunbar High School in the Stop 6 neighborhood. He was later named Assistant Superintendent of Innovation for Fort Worth ISD and supported a citywide effort to get 100 percent of Fort Worth third-graders reading on grade level by 2025. Mr. Miller has a deep understanding of the strengths, opportunities, and challenges with public education in Tarrant County and he fervently believes in the power and promise of Rocketship Texas. He is passionate about creating a diverse coalition of educators, community leaders, and parents to work together to improve racial equity and excellence in public education across Tarrant County.

Powered By Tarrant County Leaders

The Rocketship Public Schools Texas Board of Directors is a diverse coalition of deeply respected Tarrant County community leaders seeking to expand on our existing efforts to support families with the greatest need. Our vision is to develop a network of community schools that eliminate barriers to student success by collaborating with community partners providing essential services to support student well-being and providing an excellent elementary education that meets the unique needs of every child. Bringing deep expertise in public education, community organizing, financial management, and parent engagement, the Rocketship Texas Board of Directors endeavors to establish an equitable and excellent educational environment that serves all children and raises the level of achievement across our public education system.

Partnering with Parents Seeking a Personalized Education

We designed our school model to meet the unique needs of every student we serve. Our approach to personalized learning is focused on building deep relationships with our Rocketeers and their families. It starts with our annual home visits. At the start of every school year, our teachers visit the homes of their students. This annual practice enables our educators to develop much stronger relationships with our families and a deeper understanding of how to best serve each and every Rocketeer throughout the school year. Our teachers lead the learning process for every student we serve and meet with their students’ families throughout the year to create a strong partnership between teacher, parent, and student. We also use tutors, project-based learning, and adaptive online learning programs to augment teacher-led instruction and provide valuable time for students to develop the mastery they need to advance. This is how we ensure we are optimizing our teachers’ talent and instructional time, targeted in our tutoring, and purposeful in our use of technology. Our approach to personalized learning supports our Rocketeers to grow more than a grade level in academic performance every single school year.

Training Parent Leaders in the Art of Community Organizing and Advocacy

We built our Parent Leadership Program to help parents exercise their power to demand political attention, hold leaders accountable, and enable high-quality public school systems to thrive. By only offering elementary education, Rocketship parents must engage, organize, and advocate for high-quality middle and high schools. Our Parent Leadership Team works with every Rocketship school to establish a Parent Organizing Committee and provides training for parents to become powerful community organizers and advocates who learn how to hold local leaders accountable and ensure their community receives the excellent education that all kids deserve.

Preparing for Liftoff

In June 2021, our charter application was approved by the Texas Education Agency. We couldn’t have done this without the 60+ parents who showed up to advocate for Rocketship Public Schools Texas in their community. We’ll be opening our first school in Southeast Fort Worth. If you are interested in becoming a founding family at Rocketship Texas or want to learn more about how to get involved click here to connect with one of our community organizers. You can also sign up here to receive email updates on our progress, plans, and application reminders for our free open-enrollment public charter school.

We also welcome you to join our Fort Worth Facebook Group to get updates, ask questions, and meet prospective parents and supporters.

Now Hiring Elementary Educators!

Our elementary teachers are subject experts who specialize in either Humanities or STEM. Every school is supported by school leaders who provide professional development and real-time coaching for teachers in their classroom. At Rocketship, you are joining a network and a community committed to excellence. If you are looking for a chance to drive transformative change in underserved communities and contribute to a national movement to eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime, look no further than Rocketship! If you are interested in becoming a founding team member at Rocketship Public Schools Texas or want to learn more about how to get involved click here to connect with a recruiter.

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