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Missed our Webinar on Supporting Students with Exceptionalities? Get the Highlights Here.

Thank you to every educator who joined us for our second Teacher PD Launchpad webinar! Rocketship Nashville’s Integrated Special Education specialist, Krista Pupillo, and multilingual specialist, Brianna Gargano, led an encouraging, insightful session on How to Engage Students with Exceptionalities Online.

If you missed our session, you can watch the webinar below and use these tips in your own classroom! Don’t forget to download your resource sheet here for links to all the materials mentioned in the webinar.

Looking for highlights to learn how you can better support students with diverse needs in your classroom?
Check out this blog from Ms. Pupillo. Here she captures all the helpful tips and resources she shared in the webinar.

Are you a teacher looking to better support multilingual learners when virtual teaching?
Then, you’ll definitely want to read Ms. Gargano’s blog on how to do just that. Here she dives into some of the key tips and activities that’ll help you in the classroom tomorrow.

On January 27th, we’ll host our next free webinar on a topic many teachers have been seeking advice on Social-Emotional Lessons in the Time of COVID-19. You can register here. We’ll see you then!

Published on December 17, 2020

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