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Alex Terman, Senior Director of Finance and Operations, Valhalla Foundation

Alex brings over two decades of leadership and management experience in the education and nonprofit sectors, including roles at the Stupski Foundation, the Learning Accelerator, and Leadership Public Schools. He previously served on the boards of CollegeSpring, Leadership Public Schools, and Design Tech High School. He also completed the Broad Residency, a two-year program that prepares participants for leadership roles in public education.

Alex supports Rocketship because he believes all families should have access to an excellent public school education, regardless of their socioeconomic background or zip code. He feels Rocketship’s focus on personalized learning, talent development, and parent engagement delivers on this promise and catalyzes transformative change, both within the communities we serve and the broader education sector.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford University.