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Brian Kilb, Retired, Senior Executive, Investment Services

Brian began his career in small business consulting which led to top jobs in accounting, finance, administration and operations for a variety of manufacturers involved in everything from medical technology and aeronautics to disposable wipes and custom decorative lighting. But he was seeking something more fulfilling.

Before he left his last manufacturing company, Brian prepared a detailed career plan that weighed his strengths and weaknesses, listed his priorities in life, and specified what he wanted out of work.

His pursuit, Brian wrote, was a career through which he could support his family, help those around him achieve their potential, and satisfy his own intellectual curiosity.

That led to his final job and a 25 year career in the financial services industry. “I recognized the intellectual challenge of understanding markets and the economy, appreciated the opportunity to interact with and impact client lives, and enjoyed the chance to build my leadership skills.”

Brian was drawn to eduction and Rocketship initially by his daughter’s experience working for Rocketship in Milwaukee and San Jose. His wife was a college English professor and youngest daughter a teacher, so education is a top priority in the family. Understanding that all kids need an equal opportunity to learn is a fundamental value in the Kilb house.

Brian grew up in the Cleveland area and received a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Notre Dame. Brian and his wife, Lynn, have two daughters. He enjoys coaching, fitness, reading, music and his faith. Among his community activities, Brian has also been involved in a wide variety of other not-for-profit organizations.