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Juan Mateos, Director of Schools, Bay Area

Juan Mateos is a Bay Area Director of Schools for Rocketship Public Schools. Before taking on a regional leadership position, Juan was principal of Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep.

Juan grew up in Oxnard, California where he saw too many of his fellow classmates afflicted by the unjust destiny of demographics and low expectations. When Juan was accepted to Stanford, he committed himself to building a career that ensured that the potential he saw in his community and those like it would be nurtured and ignited. After graduation, Juan joined Teach for America and began teaching at Washington Elementary in San Jose, and in 2011, he joined Rocketship Mateo Sheedy as a 4th grade teacher.

Each day, Juan is humbled by his students’ commitment to learn, to take on new challenges and to make themselves, their families and their community proud. Juan draws his inspiration from working alongside a team of parents, teachers and school leaders who fully expect our Rocketeers to be the future doctors, lawyers, engineers, mayors and teachers who will transform the community. Juan currently lives in San Jose where his twin loves of teaching and learning are only eclipsed by his infatuation with futbol, Oxnard and Valentina hot sauce. Juan earned his degree in Political Science from Stanford University.