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Maricela Guerrero, California Executive Director

Maricela Guerrero is the California Executive Director. Maricela leads our Bay Area Region – overseeing all aspects of our 13 California schools. Previously, Maricela was Vice President of Schools. Prior to her role on the Schools Team, Maricela was the Founding Principal at Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep. In the first year Rocketship Fuerza students grew 1.64 years in ELA  and 1.79 years in math in the NWEA test. Furthermore, she organized and led a strong group of parent to lead the Mayoral Forum, and event attended by over 1,200 families. Before founding Fuerza, Maricela was the principal of Rocketship Mateo Sheedy. Under her leadership, students at Rocketship Mateo Sheedy earned a remarkable 925 API. In subsequent years, Maricela has led her staff to continue making incredibly strong gains for the students at Mateo Sheedy. Before ascending into school leadership, Maricela was a founding teacher in the first year of Rocketship. Prior to Rocketship, she was also a founding teacher at L.U.C.H.A., where she taught third and fourth grade. An elementary teacher since 2001, Maricela has taught grades first through eighth grade in the Alum Rock Unified district.

Maricela first discovered the inequity of education as a student in south central Los Angeles. Consigned to a failing school, Maricela’s musical abilities earned her a spot at the famous Garfield High School. Maricela rode a bus across town every day to play in the marching band and receive an excellent education, leading her to receive her B.A. in Latin American Studies with a minor in education from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Phoenix. After college, Maricela served as the executive director of the Boy Scouts of the Bay Area Peninsula – a role which further revealed  the deep inequities in the Bay Area  and the lack of opportunities for students of color in California. The enrichment gap was the spark that ignited Maricela’s passion for public education and she launched her career as an elementary school teacher in the Alum Rock School District of San Jose.