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Walter Dansby, VP, Dikita Enterprises

Resident of Fort Worth for 70 years

Walter D. Dansby brings over 41 years of experience in Education. Walter D. Dansby is also the Founder and Vice-Chair of the Advisory Board of the Young Men’s Leadership Academy in Ft. Worth, Chair of the Education Committee for the NAACP in Ft. Worth, Board Member for the Ft. Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce, Board Member for Ft. Worth Parks and Recreation, and a Board Member of the Regional Black Contractor’s Association.

Why I support Rocketship: “Children from so many disadvantaged neighborhoods are getting caught up in schools or school systems that are under-performing and are not meeting their needs. I am convinced that to educate today’s youth one must be very passionate, creative, and informed/aware of new, innovative approaches to learning. I believe Rocketship’s leadership will provide the necessary environment to offer every child a positive learning experience.”