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William Hill, Executive Director, Tennessee

William Hill is the Executive Director of Rocketship Tennessee. Will is an experienced educator and school administrator who passionately believes in providing servant leadership for school teams and educational equity for all students. He became an educator to help eliminate barriers to academic achievement for historically underserved students after facing those barriers in his own life. Will was born and raised in Baltimore, Md. Although he tested into the city school district’s rigorous gifted and talented program during elementary school, later during middle and high school, he faced racism and classism from both individuals and the system at large that tried to limit his academic opportunities based on his zip code. It wasn’t until college that Will realized how far this set him back. Because of his lived experience, Will deeply believes all children should be equally prepared to succeed in both college and career.

Will spent the first four years of his career teaching in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County public schools. He then pursued an advanced degree in school administration in order to help shape the larger systems that impact students’ educational experiences. He served as an assistant principal and principal in Prince George’s County Public Schools, where a mentor saw his desire to disrupt the ability for race or income to define a student’s academic potential and encouraged him to open a public charter school. Following his mentor’s advice, William successfully scaled a network of high-performing charter schools.

Will then joined a national consulting firm, overseeing transformation projects for schools and districts across the country, including literacy reform, strategic planning, human capital strategy reform, leadership and teacher development programming, school redesign, and using data to drive improvements.

Will earned his Masters of Arts in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, and completed post-graduate work in urban educational leadership at Loyola University in Maryland and Morgan State University. Will also holds a Masters of Divinity in Global Outreach from Grand Canyon University and is a doctoral candidate at Biola University.

When he’s not working, Will enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.