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Fort Worth Families Celebrate Ribbon Cutting at Rocketship Dennis Dunkins Elementary

I am a Rocketeer mom, and a product of Stop Six in Fort Worth myself. I attended local district K-12 schools, went on to college and graduate school, and eventually earned my doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies. I credit much of my success to my parents who advocated for my education. They knew how to wedge their way in and fight to get me what I needed because they understood how to navigate the system. My mother served 30-plus years as a teacher, principal, and school leadership director in the Fort Worth Independent School District, and my father was an engineer with the Fort Worth Fire Department. On his days off, he was a substitute teacher, often mentoring young men in school.

My parents were just like the parents who have enrolled their children at Rocketship Dennis Dunkins. They wanted a better future for me than was possible for them. And because they were engaged in my schooling and advocated for me, that’s exactly what I got.

But parents should not have to fight their way into our schools; they should be invited in, invited to share their stories and perspectives. That is at the heart of our work here at Rocketship Dennis Dunkins Elementary. We are truly partnering with our parents to unleash the potential of all of our students and this entire community. Every morning when I see our parents at Launch, when they helped interview our teachers before our doors even opened, when we meet them in their homes before school starts, and every single day we deepen our relationships with them, I know that we are creating something truly special and transformative here at Rocketship.

The ribbon cutting ceremony we held on October 18th was about our parents. Our parents who CHOSE a better future for their kids by sending them to Rocketship. Our parents who took a risk on a new school to see what is possible for Stop Six. Our parents who traveled to Austin to turn the tide and get this school approved in the first place. This is a celebration of every single one of you who lift our staff and students up every day and give us what we need to excel.

Thank you to our founding team members. Each of you answered the call and chose to be a part of this adventure. Founding work is not easy but you have been steadfast in supporting each other, our Rocketeers, our families, and elevating our collective mission. Thank you for your continued spirit of excellence and for always being RDDE (ready!) for any challenge.

Thank you, parents, for fighting for this beautiful school that will become a pillar of our Fort Worth educational community. Our parents chose to name this school after the late Dennis Dunkins, Sr., who dedicated his life to improving educational equity in this city. We are honored to be tasked with continuing his legacy of advancing equity and developing excellent educational leaders of color, honoring his vision, and above all for working so hard to give the children of Stop 6 and Fort Worth an excellent school that will launch them to success in the future.

Published on October 25, 2022

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