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When you join Rocketship you are part of a collective of teachers, leaders, parents and students committed to equity and excellence.  Together, we are transforming the future for low-income communities across our country.

Check out our current vacancies in Milwaukee, Nashville, Texas, Washington DC,  as well as San Jose, Redwood City, Concord, and Antioch, California.

Rocketship teachers & special educators love learning, and are driven to ignite a love of learning in every student.
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Rocketship school leaders drive academic achievement and build strong, positive school culture.
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Data analysts, strategists, designers, accountants, recruiters, organizers, occupational therapists, and more. Our growing network depends on a diverse range of talent.
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School support roles such as assistant teachers, lead servers, enrichment coordinators, and paraprofessionals make a major difference!
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Day in the Life of Rocketship Educators

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“As we start school this fall, we must seize this historic opportunity to invest in excellent teachers and widen pathways to the classroom.” Read about Ms. Hernandez’s journey from paraeducator and enrichment coordinator to full time classroom teacher with help from Rocketship’s professional development program🚀 Find the link in our bio✨ #RocketshipEducators
Ms. Williams from Rocketship Rise Academy recently wrote a new piece for @the_74. Check it out by visiting the link in our bio. #RocketshipEducators
We often see the art projects of students at Rocketship Rise Academy and now Rocketship Infinity Community Prep, but how much do we know about the man behind the scenes?🎨

Mr. Daniels is the founding art teacher at Rocketship Rise, and the genius behind all things creative, from murals to virtual art galleries.🖍

About his experience as an art teacher, he says “As an artist and educator, my life has been transformed by the opportunities that I’ve received to communicate my unique perspectives through art. I encourage all of us to find ways to express our voices and to allow our students to do the same in a variety of creative, complex but enjoyable ways. Learning should feel connected, engaging and grounded in students’ experiences.”✨

Let Mr. Daniels know how grateful you are for him in the comments!💜🚀
#EducatorAppreciationWeek #RocketshipEducators
#RocketshipBelieves. At the heart of any strong community is a shared belief system. Here at Rocketship, we believe that every student deserves the right to dream, discover, and develop their unique potential. Take a look at what else some of our Rocketeers believe in this heartwarming video.
Last week, Ms. Stewart from Rocketship Legacy Prep wrote a beautiful reflection about what it meant to her and her students to see the first woman and person of color be inaugurated to the executive branch. Read it in full by following the link in our bio. #RocketshipEducators