Rocketship Results

We believe that all children have potential and that great public schools unleash that potential.

But the quality of public education in our country today still depends on where you live and how much money your parents earn. We are building a movement to create educational equity in disadvantaged communities across our country. We still have a long way to go to realize our vision, but the progress we are making is transformational.

Unleashing Potential Nationwide

Due to COVID-19, state testing was paused in all regions for the 19-20 school year, and in most for the 20-21 school year. However, Rocketship still has a history of strong performance across regions and demographics. This graphic shows the 2018-19 California state assessment results plotted against the percentage of students classified as socioeconomically disadvantaged for local districts, the state of California, and Rocketship Bay Area. This analysis underscores how our Rocketeers are charting a new course for disadvantaged students in our first region – paving the way for our other regions to realize similar incredible achievements. They are proving that demographics do not define their potential.

Recognized as Among the Best in the Nation

US News & World Report named nine Rocketship schools as among the Best Elementary Schools in the nation. These rankings are based solely on test scores – meaning that our schools are among the top in the nation, even compared to schools in wealthier zip codes. This is what it looks like to eliminate the achievement gap! Read more here.


Educator Diversity Benefits All Students

An increasing body of research shows that student achievement and attendance go up and suspension rates go down when students have at least one same-race teacher. Yet a recent federal report from the Institute of Education Sciences shows that America’s teaching force hasn’t increased in diversity. 79% of the nation’s public school teachers are white. We are flipping the diversity in education script at Rocketship. The majority of our educators – 71% – identify as people of color.

Engaging Parents During the Pandemic

Parents are a child’s first teachers and lifelong advocates. They hold extraordinary power to change outcomes for their children and improve the quality of their community. By unleashing the power of parents to champion their children’s education and hold leaders and systems accountable we can enable high-quality public schools to thrive and endure. That is why Parent Power is a founding pillar of our model. Our approach to personalized learning is focused on building deep relationships with the families we serve. It starts with our annual home visits. Every school year, our teachers visit the homes of their students. This annual practice enables our team to develop much stronger relationships with our families and a deeper understanding of how to best serve each and every Rocketeer.

Home visits became even more important during distance learning as our daily interactions with our students were confined to computer screens. Teachers and leaders across our network completed more than 10,000 virtual home visits with families before Thanksgiving break. We also continued our practice of meeting individually with families three more times a year during family-teacher conferences and held monthly community cafecitos at all our campuses to keep parents engaged and informed about school reopening plans, health and safety protocols, and opportunities for parents to support their student’s learning and our broader school community.

Rocketeers are beating the odds in every region.

We’ve come a long way since we opened our first school in a church in San Jose. Learn more about how our Rocketeers in every region are beating the odds.

Top Schools in California

Seven Rocketship schools are among the best in the state ranking by US News and World Report. Our schools rank in the top 30% of elementary schools in California while serving majority low-income (76%) and English Learner (59%) student populations.

Tier 1 in DC

Our first two DC schools achieved Tier 1 status — the highest ranking for DC Public Charter Schools — in their very first year.

Reward Schools in Nashville

Both of our Nashville schools were named “Reward Schools” by the Tennessee Department of Education – the state’s highest recognition for student performance and progress.

Exceeding Expectations in Milwuakee

Our Milwaukee schools outpace their peers in academic growth. Our flagship school in the region ranks in the top 20% of all public elementary schools in the state that serve a similar population.

Opening Doors in Texas

In 2021, Rocketship Public Schools Texas was approved by the Texas State Board of Education to open schools in Tarrant County and in August 2022, we opened doors to our flagship campus, Rocketship Dennis Dunkins Elementary in Fort Worth!

Study finds Rocketship graduates a year ahead of peers.

When we launched Rocketship, we decided to focus exclusively on elementary school. We believed that if we helped our Rocketeers build a solid foundation in those early years, they would thrive in middle school, high school, and beyond. But there’s no doubt that middle school is one of the most challenging transitions in a student’s academic journey. To examine how our Rocketeer alumni perform in middle school, we engaged SRI International, an independent nonprofit research center, to conduct a three-year study on the performance of our Rocketeer graduates. The study followed nearly 2,000 students in seven San Jose middle schools with high concentrations of Rocketship graduates. SRI rigorously investigated academic performance, social and emotional skills, and student confidence navigating the middle school transition. The study found that Rocketeers are a year ahead of their classmates in math and reading after the first and second years of middle school. Learn more here.