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Legacy Prep

Every child deserves the opportunity to define their own future. To build their own legacy in their own community. At Rocketship Legacy Prep, our parents, teachers, and leaders are working together to help every Rocketeer we serve build legacies that promote peace, prosperity, compassion, and equity across our proud community.

Rocketship Legacy Prep was ranked in the top 30% of all elementary schools in Washington, DC. Achievement at this level shows that we can eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime!

Earned the highest score ever for an elementary school

on the DC Public Charter School Board’s School Quality Report

Key Information

Grades: PreK3 - 5th
Enrollment: 609
Address: 4250 Massachusetts Ave SE Washington, DC 20019
Principal: Jeanice Stewart
Office Manager: Andrea McLean
Tel: 202-803-7004

Legacy Prep
4250 Massachusetts Ave SE Washington, DC 20019

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All kids deserve the chance to build their own legacy in their own community. To build on the past, and to look forward to an even brighter future. That is why we named our school Rocketship Legacy Prep.

— Founding Parent, Rocketship Legacy Prep




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Are you interested in getting more involved with our school community? Join us for our next Parent Organizing Committee (POC) meeting where parents get to know each other, learn what local issues may be affecting their child and family, and learn new skills to help ensure parents’ voices are heard in the community. You can learn more about our parent leadership work here.


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Our School’s Core Values

  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Persistence
  • Pride