Welcome to Rocketship

What Makes Rocketship Stand Out?

At Rocketship, you have access to many incredible programs. Here you’ll find information and videos about what we offer our families. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your school’s office manager.

Our Rotational Model

Unlike most elementary schools where students are in one classroom with one teacher, Rocketeers rotate between Humanities, STEM, Learning Lab and Enrichment each day. This model allows us to improve student outcomes.

Personalized Learning

We don’t believe in one size fits all when it comes to learning. That’s why we customize each student’s education through small-group instruction, 1:1 support, online learning programs, and more. This helps students who need extra support catch up and those who are above grade level continue growing. This all starts by creating strong relationships with Rocketeers and their families.

  • Every fall, educators visit students’ homes to learn about their life outside the classroom
  • Students have personalized growth goals mapped to their grade level
  • Families get updates on student progress in weekly updates, at three parent-teacher conferences, and through our open-door policy with parents.

How Does Rocketship Serve Students with Special Needs?

Unlike most schools, we operate a meaningful inclusion model, so students aren’t separated from their classmates. Instead, they have daily access to our general education environment.

  • Students with special needs spend 50-80% of their day in general education classrooms.
  • Experience the same instructional program as their typically developing peers
  • Receive small group co-teaching and individual instruction

How Does Rocketship Serve Multilingual Learners?

We’re proud to serve a large population of emerging bilingual students. Our majority bilingual staff creates an environment that celebrates all cultures. Educators affirm students’ home language while helping them read, write, and speak in English through small group instruction.

Watch this video to hear from a Rocketship alumna who excelled in our multilingual learning program and went onto receive honors in junior high, high school, and is now off to college!

How Can Parents Get Involved?

Los Dichos – Los Dichos is a monthly multilingual literacy and reading program that teaches students about different cultural values and instills a sense of positive cultural identity and pride. Parent volunteers come into the classroom to work on a hands-on activity and read a storybook in English, which is also translated into Spanish and Vietnamese.

Parent Power – Rocketship’s parent leadership team exists to build power within people. One key way we do this is by partnering with parents through each school’s organizing committee. Education organizers and parents work together there to spark change at a local and state level. Parents can also join the school site council, which makes decisions on academics, school culture, how schools funds are used, and more.

How Can Families Get Support Outside of the Classroom?

Families in our Bay Area schools have access to Care Corps. Care Corps is dedicated to ensuring all families have access to community resources to meet their basic needs. We support families who struggle with chronic absenteeism or severe hardships through 9 weeks of case management, referrals to partner organizations and increase school support. There are CareCorps Coordinators assigned to each campus that continue to establish community partnerships, create on site opportunities for parent learning and growth.

Our CareCorps program connects families with local resources to provide: housing assistance,
food and clothing, immigration services; financial assistance, health insurance and parent educational resources; Computer Literacy, ESL classes, job training & Certification programs; referrals to partner social service agencies and parent workshops.