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COVID-19 Updates DC 2.0

Rocketship DC COVID-19 School Updates

Current Status of Schools

As of March 15th, all Rocketship schools in Washington DC are reopened to small groups of students. Many students will remain in virtual learning by choice or as we phase-in return to campus by grade.

We understand that for some members of our community returning to campus is in their best interest or needs, while for others remaining in our distance learning model is the best choice for their health and well-being.

As public schools, we work with regional, city, and district leaders to follow health, safety, and educational guidelines. We will continue to monitor local conditions and guidance and adjust our operations accordingly.

Status of RISE:

Gradual Reopening for priority groups of students
Preference in beginning for lower grades (K-2)
Approximately 50 students on campus at a time
Begins March 15, 2021

Status of Legacy Prep

  • Gradual Reopening for priority groups of students
  • Preference in beginning for lower grades (K-2)
  • Begins March 15, 2021: 8:00 – 3:00, Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday
  • Wednesday remains a virtual learning day
  • Approximately 50 students on campus at a time

Status of Rocketship Infinity Community Prep:

  • In-person instruction available for all students, if they choose (K-2nd grade)
  • Begins March 15, 2021 8:00 – 3:00, Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday
  • Wednesday remains a virtual learning day


Fall 21 Reopening

We know how important it is to get our Rocketeers back into the building, and we are committed to doing so with the intent of fully reopening with 5 days per week of in person instruction in August 2021, with a limited virtual option for select students. We are confident in the health and safety measures that we have in place in our buildings and are proactively working with our operations teams to ensure buildings are 100% ready to welcome back all of our Rocketeers in the fall. We will continue to update you with summer and fall plans as we can, and encourage you to reach out to your school leadership teams with specific questions.

COVID- Parent Handbook & School Calendar

For more information on our health and safety protocols on campus, please see our COVID Parent Handbook in English and Spanish.

Looking for what days students’ have holidays? Download the full family calendar here 2020-2021.

Stay connected on your school’s private Facebook group:

All our schools will use their school’s private Facebook groups page to share important updates and instructional information.

  • Please be sure to create a Facebook account if you do not already have one and join your school’s Facebook group.
  • If you need support, please reach out to your school’s Office Manager.

How & Where to Get a Vaccinated in Your Community

Did you know that you can use your Rocketeer’s Chromebook to access vaccination websites? To find out who is eligible and find out how to sign up for appointments visit,  Learn more about the mayor’s plan vaccination plan for DC here.

Have Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccines?

We believe it’s important to equip every member of our community with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. Rocketship recently had the privilege of hosting Rocketship Nashville board member and nationally-recognized medical expert, Dr. James Hildreth, for an hour-long webinar on the COVID-19 vaccines. Read the highlights and watch the webinar here. The Spanish version is available here.

Free Meals for Rocketeers

For the fall of 2020, each of our Rocketship campuses will distribute healthy and nutritious meals for students while the virtual learning program is in action.

Rocketship Rise Academy will offer free meals to ANYONE in our community on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

All other Rocketship campuses will be distributing meals ONLY to Rocketship students, per new government regulations. Additionally, at these campuses, there has been a change from the Spring and Summer meal distribution process: If you submit your Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) application and it is accepted, your meal will be free or reduced, following your application. Just like a normal school year, your FRL status will determine the cost of the meals you pick up. Meals are NO LONGER free for all, so please submit your FRL as soon as possible.

Community Resources & Internet Access

The health, safety, and security of all our families are of utmost importance at this time. Click here for a list of resources and social service supports in Washington DC (versión español aquí) that include: meal distribution, childcare, unemployment, financial, housing, mental health, immigration & legal assistance.


RCN & Comcast – Rocketship families have been connected to their Internet essentials program which provides them with internet through June of 2021.

Sprint Hotspots – Families that are unable to receive Comcast or RCN in their area have been given one hotspot per student. These hotspots are active through June 2021 or 6 months from activation.


Every Rocketship school has designated a CareCorps of at least four educators who are responsible for contacting every Rocketship family, every day. Their mission is to support our most vulnerable families who are experiencing the destabilizing impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. CareCorps sends a brief wellness survey to all families to ensure everyone feel safe at home and identifies any needs in the school community. The team then follows up with direct outreach to families who indicated they need support. The CareCorps then connects families with the services and resources they need. To connect with your regional CareCorps, reach out to your school’s office manager.

COVID-19 Parent Handbooks

The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Our new parent handbook lays out the health and safety layers of protection we will employ on campus to limit the spread of COVID-19. You can read this in English and Spanish.

Back to School Safety Procedures

Curious what new safety procedures we have in place to keep your Rocketeer safe? The key changes we have made are:

      • -Health screenings for all staff and students
      • -Mandatory mask-wearing for staff and students
      • -Physically distanced desks
      • -Stable cohorts for students returning in small groups
      • -New filters in campus HVAC systems and air purifiers where appropriate
      • -Hand sanitization stations throughout the school

Learn more about these procedures in this video.