Kicking off School Days with Facebook Live

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Kick off School Days with a Virtual Assembly

Every day in distance learning, Rocketeers in every school come together on Facebook Live to kick off the day together. This inspiring, high energy assembly is when our teachers, students, and even parents recite our creed, break out in dance and get motivated for the day ahead. We’ve been keeping that ritual going during distance learning and wanted to show you what one looks like. Here is Principal Mateos from Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep virtually leading his school from his home in San Jose.

This is just one of the many ways we’re creating clear, consistent routines during distance learning days. This structure is incredibly important in supporting young learners, especially those dealing with trauma and toxic stress at home due to the broader social impacts of the COVID19 crisis. Take a look and get inspiration for how to use Facebook Live and Zoom to kick off your school days together. Then, download our school leaders guide on How to Virtually Come Together as a Community to get step-by-step instructions for hosting inspirational morning and afternoon school-wide assemblies!