Social Emotional Learning

How to Create Structure & Positivity at Home

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Creating Routines & Schedules

In this video lesson, learn how to create school routines and structure at home.

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Tips for Setting Goals at Home

Learn how you can keep your child motivated with goal-setting. You’ll also get a glimpse into how we monitor student progress at Rocketship.

How to Manage Stress & Anxiety During Difficult Times

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ABC Yoga for Kids

Stretch out and relax with this brief ABC yoga video lesson!

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Mellowing Out with the Butterfly Mind Game

This child-friendly meditation game is a great video lesson to do between lunch break and afternoon studies.

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Mind And Body Tools to Overcome Anxiety

Parents can explore these 20 mind and body tools to decrease stress and anxiety and teach their favorites to their children.

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DIY Stress Balls & Calm Down Jars

Who says managing emotions can't be fun? Create these family-friendly art projects to help kids calm themselves down.