Engaging Students Virtually Webinar

Webinar: How to Engage Students Online, Ensuring Accountability

Monday, November 18th

Are you struggling with virtual teaching? Is it painfully challenging to keep students focused? Does it feel like pulling teeth to have class discussions? If your once chatty students have gone quiet in distance learning, then join Nashville elementary teachers, Ms. Mirlisena and Ms. Cogdell, for a webinar on how to engage students and ensure accountability in virtual classrooms. Here you’ll learn what struggles they initially faced and what creative solutions they implemented to increase attendance and keep their students energized in virtual classrooms.

Meet the Teachers


Amy Mirlisena has been an early childhood educator for the last 5 years. Starting her journey in the Cincinnati area public schools and later taking her talents to Rocketship here in Nashville, Tennessee. Amy has a huge heart for loving kids and giving kids experiences in our inner city schools. Having a strong background in Educational Technology, Instructional Design, and theatre she has been able to create a very innovative, entertaining, and whimsical environment for her kids in this distance learning world. When she is not teaching she is brushing up her spanish, singing in a jazz band in the heart of downtown Nashville, and is a director and producer for local musicals/plays in the tristate area.