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An Open Letter to All of my Students (Past, Present, and Future)

It’s a funny thing. For nearly 180 days, we spend each day together and share in each other’s lives on a very regular basis. We share news, both life altering and trivial, and always greet each other with the same genuine enthusiasm or regret. News of your beloved pet running away is met with a hug and a reminder that you won’t feel like this forever. I notice your new haircut; you notice I’m wearing a new color of nail polish. I let Mom know you’re having trouble with that pair of uniform pants (they’re just so itchy); you share your concern when my eyes look especially tired. You tell me what I mean to you in the most genuine handwritten notes and colorful drawings, and I try to show you what you mean to me by pushing you to tap into your immense potential. This carefully crafted bond and relationship continues to grow and shape who we both are, and then as quickly as we can all say “summer” the door to our classroom shuts behind you and our paths are no longer so closely crossed.

I will cry. I take comfort in calling my own mom who gently (and lovingly, and possibly a little bit sarcastically) reminds me that being a teacher is like being Mary Poppins. I can only be with you for a little while, until I try to give you everything I can to possibly prepare you for what’s next. Then I have to gear up for the next peanuts that might need me.

But, know this. I will always hold you to high expectations, and I want to hear about it when you meet your own. And if you find yourself in trouble, I will always do my best to help guide you back. I will always assume the best when it comes to you, because I have seen what’s in your heart. I know you are capable, I know you are a strong and I know that if you continue to embody our core values, you will make yourself proud.

I’m pretty young. I grew up with the Internet, so I know how easy it is to drop a line. So whether it’s in second grade and you are sending an e-mail to let me know how many words you are reading per minute, or you need to me to look over a high school essay, or you just want to drop in to share a bit about your life—I’ll always be on the other end.


Caitlin Adams is a first grade teacher at Alma Academy, where she joined the founding team in 2012.  She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BS in Liberal Studies, emphasis in Child Psychology.  Caitlin grew up in Pleasonton, CA and has been teaching for three years. Outside of school, you can find her spending time with her family, online shopping and planning her next trip.

Published on June 16, 2014

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