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Boys to Men: Mu Phi Gamma Fraternity

Great schools do more than teach kids how to read and write. They teach kids to engage, think critically and lead. When I first began teaching, I realized many of boys had room to improve both their academic and leadership skills. So, in October of 2012, I partnered with two colleagues at Matthew W. Gilbert Middle School in Jacksonville, Florida to unite the male population at our school. We envisioned a program that would help build the boys in our school into young men. Modeled after a fraternity, we focused on the pillars of scholarship, brotherhood and leadership. When I began teaching at Nashville Northeast Elementary in 2015, I extended the organization and created the Beta Chapter. I’m proud to share Mu Phi Gamma has already made an impression on our campus. Currently the Beta Chapter is impacting  18 young men. The Mu Phi Gamma Rocketeers participate in community service projects, tutoring, brotherhood gatherings, awareness seminars and have even formed a step dance group.

Rocketeers from the Mu Phi Gamma Fraternity participate practice step after school.

Rocketeers from the Mu Phi Gamma Fraternity participate practice step after school.

As a result of our efforts thus far, members have improved academically and behaviorally. Our young men now have an outlet for their passion and are inspired to come to school as leaders each day.

One of our members wrote a personal testimony of the impact Mu Phi Gamma Fraternity has had on him thus far this year. Here is his perspective:

My name is Tyler Johnson and I am a fourth grader at Northeast Nashville Elementary and a member of Mu Phi Gamma Fraternity. I love being a member of Mu Phi Gamma and having 17 brothers. We all are very close and work together to make an impact on our campus. I really enjoy spending time with my brothers twice a week. We have study hall and step practice. Step practice is fun as we are working together to put on a show for our school and community.

Mu Phi Gamma Fraternity has helped me grow into a leader at school. Every day I take 10 minutes out of my day to mentor my “little” brother. This is a student assigned to me that I check on and give encouragement throughout the week. This helps me be accountable and make sure I am making the right decisions because I want to model the right behavior for my mentee. Mr. Frazier, Mr. Scholar, Mr. Summit, Mr. Song, and Mr. Elmore have also worked hard to build leadership in me as well. They are constantly reminding us to serve the students on campus by being a source of inspiration for them. I really like Mu Phi Gamma and I am grateful to be a member of this great organization. 

In only three short months, the young men of Mu Phi Gamma’s Beta Chapter have made huge strides; their leadership echoes throughout the halls of our school. I look forward to continue to partner with them to grow our chapter, our leadership and our impact.

Mu Phi Gamma Fraternity - service

About Mu Phi Gamma Fraternity, Beta Chapter:  

Mission Statement

The mission of Mu Phi Gamma Fraternity is to unite the male population of our school and provide them with resources to enhance or improve their social, academic and leadership skills. Mu Phi Gamma Fraternity will provide young men with the opportunity to learn important life skills while building positive self-esteem, developing positive social interactions, decision making and becoming positive role models in their communities. This organization will begin to bridge the gaps of adolescence and adulthood.


Unite young men in a fraternal bond by promoting brotherhood. We will hold at least one brotherhood social a month.
Encourage and promote academic success by maintaining high academic standards. Each member will create and reach a personal academic goal this school year.
Provide inspiration through mentorship from advisors.
Make a lasting impact in the Nashville community by completing at least one community service project a month.


Scholarship: Brothers will strive to meet their own personal goals while maintaining a commitment to education.
Brotherhood: In Mu Phi Gamma we are OUR BROTHERS KEEPER. Therefore, brothers will be required to hold each member of the organization accountable for fulfilling the objectives of our organization.

Leadership: Each member of Mu Phi Gamma Fraternity will serve as a leader in their school and community. Every member will receive mentoring, and be a mentor to others. Brothers will also be required to participate in community service projects.

Cameron Frazier is a third grade humanities teacher at Northeast Nashville Elementary. Before joining the Rocketship team, he taught in Jacksonville, Florida for three years. When Cameron isn’t hanging out with Mu Phi Gamma members, he enjoys reading and buying kicks (sneakers). 

Published on November 30, 2015

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