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Brilliant Kidisms

Papers are shuffling, pencils are dancing, brains are growing: it’s a new school year with our Rocketeers! As with every year, students find themselves learning new procedures, brushing up on our basics from last year and making the all-important decision of which book to choose first from the class library. As teachers, we’re observing each Rocketeer’s individual personality and learning how they’ll mesh together as a classroom of scholars and future college grads. Of course, this a time that can feel busy and rushed – we’re learning what kids need and teaching them the value of Kimochis. Every day, it’s the silly things that happen and bond us together as a group with laughter and joy, reminding us that while mistakes happen and days get busy, we are all committed to growing our brains. Being in a first grade classroom during this time is a precious place. Students are eager, engaged and motivated to be a part of this journey, but sometimes they’re a little distracted…

Sometimes, we still dream of summer:

“I feel sad because I haven’t been to Hawaii since the last time I went.”

Sometimes we wonder about the structure of our day:

“Why do we have to go to lunch even when we are not hungry?”

Sometimes, we need a little review of our academic songs and chants:

“A, b, c, d, e, f, g………y and z. Now I know my ABC’s. Next time won’t you swing with me.”

Sometimes, we still need to learn about our teacher’s cues:

“Why do your eyes look so creepy?”

Sometimes, we get a little confused when introducing ourselves to new friends:

“I was born a little bit here and a little bit in Mexico.”

Sometimes, we forget about the purpose of our read aloud after seeing a picture of a cookie in the book:

“MMMMMMM!” – Whole Class

And sometimes, our Rocketeers are so persistent and determined in their educational goals that they want to blast off further:

“But…when will we actually get on the rocket ship to outer space?”

Joanna joined the Rocketship team after six years of teaching first grade in the traditional public school setting. She earned her BA in Liberal Studies from Loyola Marymount University and her MA in Reading from National University. Joanna looks forward to seeing her students hard work yield high achievement and life long learning skills. During her time outside of school, Joanna enjoys going to professional sporting events and traveling to see family and friends.

Published on September 5, 2014

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