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Taking Action Against Racial Violence: Resources for Educators

As communities of color are being hit disproportionately hard by COVID-19, the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubrey, and Breonna Taylor have highlighted for many how deep injustice runs through our health, income, housing, education and policing systems. As educators, we are used to doing everything in our power to make the world a better place for our students and through our students. We acknowledge that this can be an overwhelming task while also living with the consequences fo these systems, as well as being exposed to daily headlines on violence, inequity, and police brutality.

Our partners at LiberatED, compiled these resources for educators on how to prioritize self-care, continue to learn about the issues at hand, and take action:

Prioritize Self-Care

Learn & Keep Learning

Act with Urgency

LiberatED is an organization that partners with schools like ours to consult on equity, culturally relevant pedagogy, and social justice. Learn more on their website.

You can find more resources like this on the racial justice section of our Distance Learning Launchpad.  Teachers 4 Social Justice is another source for webinars and virtual training for teachers interested in teaching for equity and justice.

The Rocketship Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) National Leadership Team: Our vision is to unleash the full potential of our incredible team and communities by purposefully pursuing representation in our communities and breaking down barriers to power. At Rocketship, we work to create a safe, collaborative environment that celebrates our differences and strengthens our community. Our pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion recognizes the systemic inequality of opportunity in our society, and we seek to address these disparities.

LiberatED is dedicated to building the critical consciousness of leaders, particularly those serving historically marginalized communities. In order for leaders to catalyze social change and improve life outcomes in their community, it is necessary to engage in constant learning about race, class, power, and privilege. LiberatED has been partnering with K-12 schools, universities, and non-profit organizations for over 4 years, joining leaders and their teams on a journey of transformative learning. The result: more conscious, culturally competent leaders and improved organizational outcomes.

Published on October 6, 2020

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