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A Day in the Life: Ms. Stewart, Founding Kindergarten Teacher

What is it like to be a Rocketship teacher? Rocketship teachers are content experts who partner closely with parents, and never stop learning and growing. Most of all, Rocketship teachers believe in educational equity and that ALL children have potential for greatness.

While all these qualities unite our teachers across our network, each school, and every teacher has their own unique culture and personality. So how better to show the world how amazing and distinctive our teachers are, than by letting them show us themselves? That is why we are having Rocketship teachers take over our Instagram account for a day, to show us a day in the life of a Rocketship teacher, at a Rocketship school, from their unique perspective.

Check out the below compilation from Founding Kindergarten teacher, Jeanice Stewart’s Instagram takeover at Rocketship Rise Academy in Washington, DC. To see more Rocketship teacher takeovers, visit us on Instagram @RocketshipSchools. To hear more from Jeanice about why she is DC Charter Proud, check her out in this video about a special Rocketeer and his community of support from DC Public Charter School Board.

Jeanice Stewart, Founding Kindergarten Teacher, Rocketship Rise Academy

Greeting from Washington, DC, home of Rocketship Rise Academy. I am Jeanice Stewart, a founding kindergarten teacher originally from Richmond, Virginia. I can’t wait for you to see the awesome work we are doing in our Ward 8 community! Scroll through the following photos and videos to get a peak into the work and lives of our Rocketship DC family!

These Rise kindergartners are all fired up about phonics and reading comprehension!
Rocketship Rise teachers make learning fun!
Rise Academy is proud to have Rocketship Legacy Prep share locations with us this year. Together we are making brains bigger in Wards 7 and 8.
When it comes to time telling fluency and multiplication, Mr. Lewis’s third grade class knows what time it is. Check him, and second grade humanities teacher, Mr. McCormick, out below!
Rise is home of DC’s Regional Team, led by Regional Director Jacque Patterson!
Did I mention the awesome staff Rise has? #Ilovemycoworkers

Today was just a glimpse of how Rocketship DC is changing lives everyday. I exist to create tiny humans that are not only victors on assessments, but victors in life. Everyday I step into Rocketship Rise Academy, I am reminded of why I do what I do and why I aim to do what I do extremely well! We get better everyday and together we RISE! ???? – Ms. Stewart #RocketshipSchools #TeachersofRocketship


Published on December 14, 2017