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From Rocketship to San Jose State

Anyone who has ever visited Rocketship Mosaic Elementary (ROMO) has undoubtedly met Ericka Ramirez. A founding ROMO Rocketeer in 2011, Ericka has been an operations team member, lead server, Individualized Learning Specialist, English-Language interventionist, and now a proud first grade STEM teacher along with her eldest son, Coach Luna, a proud athletics coach. Ericka has also been a college student and college graduate during her 13 years at ROMO – graduating from San Jose State University in 2022 so that she could lead as a Rocketship classroom teacher.

But there’s one role Ericka is most proud of: being a mom to a Rocketeer alum who is now going to college. Ericka’s son, Erick, will attend San Jose State University next fall – following his mother as the second in his family to go to college.

And it all started at Rocketship.

For Ericka, Rocketship wasn’t just a workplace; it was a second home, a community where she could make a difference. For Erick, Rocketship was where he not only received an education but also discovered how Rocketship’s core values helped him succeed athletically. Erick now plays for the junior academy of the San Jose Earthquakes professional soccer team, and hopes to go pro after college.

Balancing soccer and school was no easy feat, but with determination instilled by his teachers and coaches, Erick excelled both on the field and in the classroom. Erick still remembers the impact of his ROMO educators: Mrs. Duprel, Ms. Estavillo, Mr. Etcheverry, Ms. Vero, and so many more.

Teachers like his mom, Ericka, who excelled as an educator and as a student as she earned her college degree. She was the first in her family to attend college, overcoming language barriers and stereotypes to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher in her community. Ericka’s life’s work is to show others that kids from East San Jose can, and will, achieve their dreams.

Just like she did.

Just like Erick is doing.

And just like thousands and thousands of other Rocketship California alumni who are going to college because of our educators.

Rocketship has served over 30,000 students in 17 years and every single one of those students learned to love learning because they had an excellent, empathetic, dedicated teacher. The days can seem long, especially with the last day of school in sight, but the years are short. In the blink of an eye, today’s kindergarteners will be up on that high school graduation stage proudly announcing where they are going to college.

We’re excited to finish strong and come together – as one band, one sound – for the last few weeks of this school year and end 23-24 on a high note.

Published on May 28, 2024

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