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Get Inspiration for Your Virtual Classrooms with These Music-Driven Lessons

As we near the one year mark of distance learning, we wanted to both celebrate and spotlight some of our favorite moments where teachers truly got creative.

If you’re a fellow teacher looking for new ways to boost engagement during a lull or give your school a morale boost, then you’ll definitely want to check these out. Mr. DeCock, a second grade STEM teacher at Rocketship Los Sueños in San Jose has been known for partnering with teachers to create rap videos that like one below. Ms. Mari from Rocketship Legacy Prep in DC uses music and a game of imaginary telephone to help her young learners feel confident in counting their numbers. Then, we join her again and watch students light up as she brings in a special guest from one of their favorite online learning platforms!

Key Takeaways:

1. Create your own music video as a school community to help lift morale and boost motivation!

2. Use musical math lessons to engage Kindergarteners and add in a game of imaginary telephone to popcorn call on young learners.

Jump to the 1:20 minute mark to see the example of how to work telephone in your Kinder math lesson.

3. Have a colleague drop into your class as a costume-fitted special guest to help celebrate accomplishments or boost engagement.

Published on February 8, 2021

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