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Watch the Launching Nashville Documentary

In 2010, Rocketship Education touched down in Nashville to explore the option to bring more excellent schools to Tennessee. Four years later, Rocketship opened Nashville Northeast Elementary (RNNE) to serve 450 rocketeers and their families. Led by Nashville native and Rocketship veteran Adam Nadeau, RNNE is our eleventh school nation wide.


Adam Nadeau and D’Marion, a kinder Rocketeer, cut the ribbon for the official opening of RNNE as Bobby Turner, Preston Smith and Andre Agassi watch on. The Turner-Agassi Charter School Fund supported the opening of RNNE.

Great schools are not only a foundation for incredible kids to mature into amazing adults, but also an opportunity for communities to grow closer together. When parents and families come together in a place of learning, communities thrive. In creating the documentary below, I was grateful to have the privilege of telling this story of our first school in our third region; the story of Mr. Nadeau’s vision of excellence; the story of a teachers’ passion for all kids attaining excellence; and the story of many parents’ dreams for their kids.

Watch “Launching Nashville” Now!

Launching Nashville from Rocketship Public Schools on Vimeo.


Kevin works on the Rocketship Network Support Team and is the Editor of Beyond. He is a former Special Education teacher in San Jose, with experience teaching in both traditional public and Rocketship schools. He earned a BA in Journalism and Digital Arts from the University of Oregon. A current Bay Area resident, Kevin is passionate about education, story-telling and creative exploration. 

Published on September 17, 2014