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Pro-Tips for Parents Working From Home During School Closures

Amidst social distancing, many parents are struggling with working from home while taking care of children. Our Associate Director of Academics, Jordan Blanton, is not only helping lead Rocketship’s distance learning curriculum but is doing so with her adorable toddler in tow. To help other mothers and fathers navigate this new terrain, she compiled a few handy tips to help parents keep their balance during these atypical times.

1. Create a consistent schedule.

-Routine- Reclaim control by creating a schedule for you and your family. Check out this child-friendly video on how to create schedule to help your kids understand how to build and keep their own routines.

-Sleep- Not only is this critical for mental health, but it will keep your immune system strong, which is incredibly important these days. Having trouble falling asleep? Try out the sleep-inducing stories from Calm.

-Seize Opportunities- My kid’s nap time is the new power hour. I can get so much done when I don’t have any distractions like diaper changes or mealtime. If you’re looking for videos to help occupy your children for a bit, then check out video lessons on creativity breaks and virtual physical education here.

-Prioritize- Keep a running log of your priorities and make sure to define success each day.


2. Set up a work-friendly environment

-Create a workspace- It’s important that you have a space to set up shop (preferably not where you eat or sleep to help create boundaries).

-Natural Light – Position your workspace near a window, if possible. It can be calming and energizing.

-Plants/Flower- These little bursts of color bring in a touch of the outdoors. Pick some up next time you go to the grocery store, or better yet forage from your own yard.

-Remove Distractions – Chances are the television will be on more than usual. Choose a space out of eye-line. You can also use headphones to block out the noise, if possible.


3. Physical & Mental Health

-Workout every day- whatever that means to you. (Beachbody Online has a 14-day free trial if you want to work up a sweat. You can also try out donation-based yoga on Zoom.)

-Drink Water- It’s easy to forget this one but drinking eight glasses per day will help you stay energized and feeling mentally fresh while working.

-Meditate- In times like these, creating small moments of calm and mental clarity is incredibly helpful. If you’re new to meditation, start small with 5-10 minute sessions and use these apps for guidance: Insighttimer and Headspace. Feeling anxious? Check out this resource for 20 easy ways to self-soothe during difficult times.

-Journal- Understandably, lots of complex feelings are probably swirling inside. Writing them down helps you rationalize and make sense of how you are feeling. I’ve been trying out the “future-self” journal format. Looking for a way to include your child in this type of self-reflective practice? Students in grades 3-5 can use this Daily Journal template.

These key tips are heavily influenced by Atomic Habits by James Clear. Check it out for more insight and stay tuned for more distance learning advice from our Rocketship team!


Published on April 17, 2020

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