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Serving All of Our Students

We couldn’t be more grateful for our decision to enroll our son Jake at Rocketship Mosaic in 1st grade, and our appreciation for this exceptional institution runs deep. When we were searching for the right school for our child, it was evident that Rocketship’s commitment to special education was unparalleled. What stands out the most for us is the school’s dedication to full inclusion. The way Rocketship seamlessly integrates children with diverse learning needs into mainstream classrooms is truly remarkable. Jake has had the opportunity to learn and grow alongside peers of all abilities, fostering a sense of unity, understanding, and empathy that we hold in high regard. He’s gained a ton of independence and really grown in the inclusion model, achieving so much growth with every passing year.

The individualized learning program and support at Rocketship is another feature we greatly appreciate. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, it’s tailored to address each student’s unique strengths and challenges. This tailored education has allowed our son to thrive, building confidence and reaching his full potential. Jake was able to meet his NWEA growth goal in 2nd grade reading and math last year, and we’re so excited to see what he can accomplish in 3rd grade this year.

Moreover, the welcoming and friendly environment and amazing staff have made our experience even more enjoyable, from the initial integration with Ms. Aly and her team, to the continuous support of Ms. T and her entire ISE team and all the teachers, Ms. Stern the principal, and every single school member. The school’s warm atmosphere, from the moment we walked through the doors, made us feel like part of a larger family. The ISE staff and teachers have always been approachable, eager to work with us as parents, and deeply invested in our child’s success. Their dedication is palpable, and we are profoundly grateful for the impact they have had on our son’s educational journey.

In sum, Rocketship has surpassed our expectations in providing our son with a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that has allowed him to flourish. We couldn’t have made a better choice for his education, and we are so appreciative of the school’s full inclusion, individualized learning program, and the friendly, dedicated staff that have created an enriching experience for our child. It’s not just a school; it’s a place where our son’s potential is truly recognized and celebrated, and for that, we are forever thankful.

Published on October 20, 2023

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