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The Power of Data Transparency

Last week, one of our new Rocketship Texas families was highlighted by the national publication USA Today. Their story exemplifies the impact of our collective effort.

Like many parents, LaShanta Mire is a single mother of five who strives to provide the best opportunities for her children. However, she faced a daunting challenge: a mismatch between her perceptions and the realities of her children’s academic performance. LaShanta thought her daughter was doing well because she got good grades, but LaShanta’s second grader could not read.

Determined to advocate for her family, LaShanta took proactive steps. She sought out a parent group, navigated complex school bureaucracies, and diligently gathered information, including test scores.

Armed with knowledge, LaShanta made a courageous decision last fall: she transferred her three oldest children to Rocketship Dennis Dunkins Elementary. Her unwavering commitment to her children’s education drove this bold move. Today, her children thrive in environments that value transparency and demand accountability. She says, “[Rocketship] doesn’t just give you (good) grades. … You have to earn them.”

LaShanta’s journey underscores our dedication to data transparency, even when it reveals uncomfortable truths. The best way to get students to learn and grow is to know where they need extra support and partner with their parents to get them up to and above grade level.

At Rocketship Public Schools Texas, we don’t run from the truth or lie to ourselves about what the data tells us. Instead, we lean into our commitment to accountability with our students, parents, staff, and community.

Together, we are fostering an environment of accountability and growth – where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Published on March 27, 2024

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