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VIDEO ➟ Together, We Will Eliminate DC’s Achievement Gap

Our nation’s capital is home to a vibrant community of multi-generational families and newcomers alike. My hometown has proven that it is dedicated to ensuring every student has access to an excellent school and we’ve seen progress, but still less than half of our students are on grade level. Our Southeast neighborhoods demonstrate an even greater need, with less than a third of students on grade level. We need to rethink elementary education; our students deserve better.

Learn why Katherine Bradley, President of the City Bridge Foundation, Jean-Claude Brizard from Rocketship DC’s Board of Directors and Darren Woodruff, Chair of the DC Public Charter School Board are excited for Rocketship DC’s launch in August 2016.

Together, we will eliminate DC’s achievement gap in our lifetime.


Jacque moved to Washington, DC in 1995 while serving his country in the United States Air Force. He immediately became involved in the communities of Ward 8 where he decided to reside. In 2000, he was elected as an ANC Commissioner representing Single Member District 8B07, serving for 4 terms until 2008. During this time he also was selected as a Capital City Fellow by former DC Mayor Anthony A. Williams, eventually becoming his Community Affairs Coordinator.

He has a long history working with both traditional and public charter schools. He believes, “If you improve the education of a community, you will see a decrease in unemployment, in crime and many of the other social issues that may confront urban neighborhoods. Either you’re proactive in providing a great education for residents, or you will be reacting to the negative effects of not doing so later…it’s that simple.”

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Published on December 7, 2015

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