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What Makes a School Year? Our Year in Photos

What’s happens in 180 days of learning, growth and fun? Each school year at Rocketship is a unique and extraordinary journey from beginning to end, and we never quite grasp how much we’ve grown until we look back. So much goes into making each school year the best one yet for our Rocketeers, while still saving all the necessary, silly and bittersweet things we hope never change. Here’s a small snapshot of our 2014-2015 year in photos, from celebrating brand new schools to studying spiders at science camp, to making new friends and memories.

We sincerely hope this answers the question, “So, what exactly did we do this year?”

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A member of the Rocketship Network Support Team, Nikki came to Rocketship to help close stark inequalities in education and build the innovative schools of the future. Mentoring and tutoring throughout South Los Angeles showed her the transformational power of learning, and she is inspired every day by Rocketeers’ bright spirits and boundless potential. She earned her B.A. in Communication and Communication Design from the University of Southern California. Her other passions include community service, D.I.Y. projects, getting lost in new places and trying challenging new workouts.

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Published on July 23, 2015

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