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You Can’t Be What You Can’t See.

An increasing body of research shows that student achievement and attendance go up and suspension rates go down when students have at least one same-race teacher. Yet a recent federal report from the Institute of Education Sciences shows that America’s teaching force hasn’t increased in diversity, with 71% of the nation’s public school teachers classified as white in 2017-18. While public schools saw a slight increase in Latinx teachers since 2015, there was no change in the share of Black teachers, which has actually declined since the 1990s. We are flipping the diversity in education script at Rocketship.

The majority of our educators – 78% – identify as people of color. Equity in education is about providing each student with what they need to succeed. This includes learning from teachers who offer both windows and mirrors – people who bring new perspectives, as well as reflect students’ backgrounds and experiences. That is why Rocketship is working relentlessly to ensure that our Rocketeers are taught by a representative team of educators who bring experiences, ideas, and perspectives to our classrooms that truly connect with our kids and communities.

Published on December 12, 2022

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