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Rocketship’s Multilingual, Multicultural Literacy Program

At Rocketship, we believe parents are a child’s first teachers and a critical part of every school community. One of the many ways we partner with parents is through Los Dichos. Los Dichos is a monthly multilingual literacy and reading program that teaches students about different cultural values and instills a sense of positive cultural identity and pride. Parent volunteers come into the classroom to read Rocketeers a storybook in English, which is then translated into Spanish and Vietnamese. Each Los Dichos lesson has a “dicho”, or saying, that reflects the story and guides the lesson. After storytime, parents and students work together on a creative, hands-on activity.

If your school is in California and you’re interested in participating in your Los Dichos program, we’d love to have you! Reach out to your office manager for more information on how to get involved.

Download Multilingual Storybook Texts

Want to read along with this week’s featured storybook? Download all of our favorites that have been translated into English, Spanish and Vietnamese.