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Meet a Riveter: Sidney Owens

At Rocketship, we are so excited to continue our partnership with Rivet School year after year. Rivet School is a national nonprofit college program that offers a clear, affordable path to earn a BA virtually (the first step to earning a teaching credential), and a spot in a teacher credentialing program. Talent development is one of our three pillars, and offering our Rocketeers tuition support for this program goes to the heart of commitment to helping all of our adult Rocketeers unleash their full potential.

Sidney Owens, Senior Associate of Extended Learning for Rocketship California, is on her way to graduating with her bachelor’s degree thanks to the Rivet School program. Sid is a first-generation college student and full-time employee at Rocketship Public Schools. Alongside her six siblings, Sid was encouraged to secure her future by pursuing higher education.

After Sidney tried out community college and online universities, she felt discouraged time and time again until she found Rivet School. Honoring her late father, Sidney is now on track to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Management through SNHU, and has also inspired her mother to do the same. Sid said, “Growing up, I didn’t have parents [with degrees] to look up to in this way, but now I can be the one to inspire them.” Watch Sid’s story below.

Published on November 27, 2023

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