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Crosswalk Coming to Deadly East San Jose Street

One of San Jose’s most dangerous streets will be getting new safety features to protect children going to school.

Councilmember Peter Ortiz and a group of parents from Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep, led by community organizer and teacher Blanca Carbajal, hosted a town hall Thursday to talk about a new crosswalk coming in front of the school at the intersection of Jackson Avenue and Woodset Lane. Residents have been raising concerns about pedestrian safety on Jackson Avenue for years, citing high levels of traffic accidents.

The new high-visibility crosswalk will include flashing signs and an island between both sides of traffic. It will cost about $100,000 and is funded through Ortiz’s District 5 budget, he said. Construction is slated to begin by next spring, according to Ortiz’s office.

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