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How Rocketship Transformation School Helped My Son

“Your son won’t start reading until middle school.”

That was the expert opinion of my son’s pediatrician, autism specialist, and physical therapists. They said his lack of focus, trouble with verbal language and difficulty with comprehension would put his reading skills years behind his peers.

But they didn’t know about Rocketship Public Schools.

Nzuri is in first grade now. One day last year when Nzuri was in kindergarten, his teacher texted me a video of him reading an entire book. By himself. Every word. His teacher and I sobbed. My baby was reading, at the same level as his classmates.

How? Because he loved school, he loved learning, and he was completely supported by his entire community at Rocketship. My son is growing and learning because he has the option to attend a great public school at Rocketship Transformation Prep.

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