Rocket Booster

Rocket Booster! allows students to spend time in a safe, nurturing environment both before and after school. Rocket Booster! will serve as an extension of our school day programming and will provide academic intervention, enrichment opportunities, and social-emotional support for Rocketeers.

Program Schedule

Hours: 6:30AM – 7:45AM
Days: Monday- Friday

Hours: 4:00PM – 6:30PM
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Hours: 2:00PM -6:30PM
Days: Most Wednesdays*

*Early release days are noted in the Rocketship DC Family Calendar.

Daily Schedule

The Rocket Booster! schedule will include a balance of academic, enrichment, recreational, and social activities. Below you will find sample schedules for Rocket Booster! Schedules will vary by campus and grade-level.

Time & Activity
6:30 – 7:00am, Choice Time
7:00 – 7:25am, Recess or Physical Activity
7:25 – 7:40am, Morning Meeting
7:40 – 7:45am, Transition to Launch

Time & Activity
3:15 – 3:30pm, Arrival
3:30 – 4:00pm, Greeting & Ice Breaker
4:00 – 4:25pm, Community Meeting
4:25 – 4:45pm, Dinner
4:45 – 5:05pm, Recess
5:05 – 6:05pm, Academic Enrichment
6:05 – 6:25pm, Enrichment
6:25 – 6:30pm, Closing

Time & Activity,
1:50 – 2:05pm, Arrival
2:05 – 2:35pm, Greeting & Ice Breaker
2:35 – 3:00pm, Community Meeting
3:00 – 3:40pm, Physical Enrichment
3:40 – 4:25pm, Electives
4:25 – 4:45pm, Dinner
4:45 – 5:05pm. Recess
5:05 – 6:05pm, Academic Enrichment
6:05 – 6:25pm, Enrichment
6:25 – 6:30pm, Closing


Fees for Rocket Booster! are based on enrollment, not attendance. Therefore, a family will always pay the full monthly rate, regardless of how many days a Rocketeer attends Rocket Booster! This allows Rocket Booster! to maintain a full-staff and provide Rocketeers with high-quality programming at all times.*

The cost of Rocket Booster! is as follows:

Before Care Only: $100 per month per student
After Care Only: $296 per month per student
Early Release After Care Only: $100 per month per student
Before and After Care: $350 per month per student

*For extended absences (more than half of the programming days in a month) due to quarantine or illness, contact the Site Manager for Extended Learning at your Rocketeer’s campus to discuss refund options.

Child Care Subsidy Program

At each of our campuses Rocket Booster! has been certified to accept the DC government’s Child Care Subsidy Program which will help qualifying families pay for Rocket Booster! A sliding scale is utilized to determine the co-pay that qualifying families will pay, based on family income.

Click here for further information regarding determining eligibility and applying for the Child Care Subsidy Program.


Families who would like to enroll their Rocketeer in Rocket Booster! should follow these steps.

1. Complete the Interest Form.
(Note: Completion of the Interest Form officially begins your application process. Space in Rocket Booster! is limited. Spaces will be filled in the order in which Interest Forms are received. If the roster has been filled before your application is received, your Rocketeer will be placed on the waitlist.)

2. Review the Family Handbook.

3. Return the completed Rocket Booster! Enrollment Packet within ten (10) days of submitting your Interest Form. Enrollment Packets can be submitted in the following ways.
a. Print the packet, complete all required documents and submit via this link.
b. Pick up a packet from your Rocketeer’s campus. Complete all documents. Return to the office.

Rocket Booster! programming will begin on August 23, 2021. Families must complete the enrollment process outlined above by August 13 in order for their Rocketeer to be eligible to attend Rocket Booster! during the first week of school. Families who complete this process between August 13 and August 20 will be eligible to send their Rocketeer to Rocket Booster! beginning August 30, 2021.

You will be notified by the Site Manager for Extended Learning at your Rocketeer’s campus when your enrollment paperwork has been processed. Your Rocketeer will only be eligible to attend Rocket Booster! once all enrollment paperwork has been processed and payment is received.

Have Questions?

Contact the Site Manager for Extended Learning at your Rocketeer’s campus with any further questions.

For Rocketship Rise Academy – Contact Myesha Harris –; (301) 693-1066
Address: 2335 Raynolds Place SE Washington, DC 20020

For Rocketship Legacy Prep – Contact Nailah Whitlock –; (651) 308-8750
Address: 4250 Massachusetts Ave SE Washington, DC 20019

For Rocketship Infinity Community Prep – Contact Rachel Hustedt,; (402) 310-9586
Address: 5450 3rd St NE Washington, DC 20011