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James Robinson – Principal, Principal, Rocketship United Academy

James Robinson helped found Rocketship United Academy in Nashville, Tennessee in 2015. Prior to serving as a founding principal in Nashville, James was an assistant principal at Rocketship Mosaic in San Jose, California. While at Mosaic, Robinson managed, coached and led the special education team, the learning lab, and the second and third grade teams. Additionally, Mr. Robinson co-led professional development for guided reading, school culture and reading comprehension.

Before joining Rocketship, Mr. Robinson was selected for the CSP Leadership Fellowship in Minneapolis, MN.  As a Leadership Fellow, James designed a school, conducted market research to identify a neighborhood to build a school and also consulted for the Harvest Network of Schools. During the fellowship, he learned of Rocketship and its mission. The rest is, as they say, history. Prior to being a fellow, James was a founding teacher at Uncommon Schools Rochester Prep and participated in their Master Teacher Retreat.

Mr. Robinson originally is from the Rochester, NY area. He has a wife and two daughters. His oldest will be attending college next year and his youngest is an avid violinist.  Mr. Robinson enjoys reading in his spare time.