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At Rocketship Public Schools, we believe that every student deserves the right to dream, to discover, and to develop their unique potential.

We know that every student has unique needs! Our personalized learning model meets every student at their individual level. We create a joyful learning environment that educates the whole child, because happy students love learning. Parents are welcome in our schools at all times. By partnering closely with parents, our high-performing public schools are transforming the future for students and communities in DC!

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All kids need a positive role model in their life. Someone who inspires them to strive for greatness and encourages them to unleash their full potential. Our teachers pride themselves on being role models to every student they serve. They lead by example and show our students that they have the power to change the world.

Legacy Prep
4250 Massachusetts Ave SE Washington, DC 20019
Rise Academy
2335 Raynolds Place SE Washington DC, 20020

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2335 Raynolds Place SE Washington DC, 20020

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