Rocketship DC Enrollment Requirements Checklist

Rocketship DC Enrollment Requirements Checklist

Welcome to Rocketship Public Schools! To enroll your child(ren), complete the following documents. There are two ways for you to enroll: online through the PowerSchool Parent Portal or over the phone with the school’s Office Manager. Download this form here.

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The following forms are required for registration:

▢ Rocketship Seat Acceptance Form

▢ Student Information Form

▢ Student Age Verification Form

▢ Student Address Verification Form

▢ Parent/Guardian Information & Emergency Contacts Form

▢ Child Find Query and Screening Consent Form

▢ Student Health Form

▢ Home Language Survey

▢ Media Release Form

▢ Request for Student Records Form (Grades K-5 only)

▢ Appletree Consent Forms (Grades PK3 and PK4 only)


Registration is not considered complete until the following mandatory documents are also received.

▢ Birth certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Passport, or Hospital Record.

If the document does not contain the parent/guardian name, additional guardianship verification is required. Some examples of verification include:

  • Adoption decree
  • Court order of legal guardianship/custody
  • Letter of documentation from the Department of Human Services indicating guardianship
  • Letter of documentation of foster care placement

▢ Current photo ID

Examples include DC driver’s license or identification card, valid passport, consulate-issued photo identification, military identification, or other government-issued photo identification.

▢ DC Universal Health Certificate Form

▢ DC Oral Health Assessment Form

▢ OSSE Home Language Survey (for students who are new to DC public or public charter schools)

▢ DC Residency Verification Form

▢ Proof of DC Residence

EITHER One of the following with same enrolling person name and address on DCRV:

  • Pay stub within 45 days of enrollment date
  • Unexpired documentation of DC Government financial assistance
  • Certified copy of DC Tax Form-D40
  • Military housing orders
  • Embassy letter

OR Two of the following items with the same enrolling person name and address on DCRV:

  • Unexpired DC motor vehicle registration.
  • Unexpired DC driver’s license or non-driver ID.
  • Unexpired rental/lease agreement and proof of payment
  • Utility bill within 60 days of enrollment date and proof of payment



Additional documentation (if applicable):

▢ Most recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan

▢ Medication Administration Form

▢ Physician Food Allergy Accommodation form

▢ Withdrawal Form (from previous school with transcript that shows current grade level)