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Cultivate Empathy

How to Avoid Burnout as an Educator

Rocketship Public Schools | February 20, 2022

Educators at Rocketship have the opportunity to attend a BurnIn Mindset training to help utilize certain mental strategies to help improve their day-to-day experience. Here are some key takeaways from the training.

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Free Webinar on Social-Emotional Lessons for Today’s Students

By Sara Amick, Teacher at Rocketship United Academy | January 27, 2021

Miss our recent webinar on social-emotional lessons that help students navigate the COVID-19 crisis and recent political turmoil? Get the highlights and full recording here.

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How a School’s Mental Health Provider Supports Families During the Pandemic

By James Cross, 4th Grade Teacher, Rocketship Nashville Northeast Elementary | January 15, 2021

Recognizing the need for additional mental health supports at her school, Dr. Newsum created the Mending Our Hearts program to help families cope with our current reality and to bridge the gap between home and school. Learn about it here.

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Social Emotional Learning in the Time of COVID-19

Francesca Furci, Manager, Psychological and Social Emotional Services | October 15, 2020

Get insight on how to weave social-emotional lessons into the entire school day.

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Creating Unity with a Classroom Chant

By Allison Cochran, Associate Director of Social Emotional Learning | October 15, 2020

During virtual learning, it’s easy for students to feel emotionally distant from one another. This fun, collaborative activity helps unite them at the start of each day.

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A Teacher’s Toolkit for Hosting Parent Office Hours During Distance Learning

Allison Cochran, Associate Director of Social Emotional Learning | October 15, 2020

During distance learning, our teachers began holding office hours for parents to help them with the transition. Based on the feedback we heard, we wanted to share our toolkit of resources in hopes they help you, too.

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