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The Bay Area used to be the launch pad for the American dream. But in recent years, housing prices have skyrocketed and middle class jobs have disappeared, leaving many families trapped in neighborhoods with underperforming schools. Rocketship’s network of high-performing public schools are committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to dream, discover, and develop their amazing potential.




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We believe that all children have potential and that great public schools unleash that potential. But the quality of public education in our country today still depends on where you live and how much money your parents earn. All families deserve the choice to attend an excellent public school in their own community.  Come visit one of our schools and see for yourself how we will prepare your child to achieve a bright future.

East Bay

2 Schools

NEW! Rocketship Delta Prep

1700 Cavallo Road, Antioch, CA 94509

In August 2018, Rocketship Public Schools will open a new elementary school serving families in Antioch, California. We are proud to give families in Antioch the choice of a high-performing public school in their own community.  Our brand new, state-of-the-art, and tuition-free public school is open to any student no matter where they live. At…


Futuro Academy

2351 Olivera Rd, Concord, CA 94520

At Futuro Academy, we partner closely with parents to create a school that is deeply connected to the community we serve. By showing our Rocketeers that we believe in their potential from the moment they start school, they learn to believe in themselves. They learn that they are in control of their future. And at…



1 School

Redwood City Prep

1440 Connecticut Drive, Redwood City, CA 94061

Over 400 parents came together to help bring Rocketship to Redwood City. The persistence, grit, and bravery these parents demonstrated in their fight to open our school, continues to define our school's culture today. Our teachers, students, and parents are relentless in their pursuit of excellence. And together, they are transforming our community.


San Jose

10 Schools

Spark Academy

683 Sylvandale Ave San Jose, CA 95111

We celebrate curiosity at Rocketship Spark. By nurturing and developing our students' natural curiosity, they learn to become critical thinkers who develop their own ideas, express their feelings, make responsible choices, and achieve success in school and life. At Rocketship Spark, our Rocketeers learn to love learning.


Sí Se Puede Academy

2249 Dobern Ave. San Jose, CA 95116

At Rocketship Sí Se Puede we believe the true work of teaching is to foster a love of learning in all students. When students learn to love learning, they stay engaged in school, explore their passions, pursue their dreams, and grow to become productive and informed citizens who contribute to the betterment of our community.


Rising Stars Academy

3173 Senter Road San Jose, 95111

Rocketship Rising Stars builds the strong habits and critical skills that all students need to succeed in the 21st century. We empower our Rocketeers to develop and embrace their inner drive to pursue learning that meets and exceeds their needs. Deeper learning requires students to think, question, pursue, and create—to take agency and ownership of…


Mosaic Elementary

950 Owsley Ave.San Jose, CA 95122

Rocketship Mosaic is built on the idea of taking full advantage of the wonderful diversity of our vibrant community. We celebrate our similarities and differences as we learn from one another about the world around us each and every day. The rich mix of ethnic groups, languages, and cultures in our school, make Mosaic a…


Mateo Sheedy Elementary

788 Locust St., San Jose, CA 95110

The school where it all started. In 1999, Father Mateo Sheedy created a scholarship to Santa Clara University. He was surprised to discover that of the hundreds of children in his parish, not one of them met the basic academic requirements to qualify them to attend a top-tier university. So he started working to improve…


Los Sueños Academy

331 S. 34th St. San Jose, CA 95116

At Rocketship Los Sueños Academy, we believe that every student is unique and that all students deserve the right to dream, discover, and develop their potential. Our approach to personalized learning combines individualized instruction, targeted tutoring, parent engagement, and robust social, emotional, and behavioral supports that enable our students to unleash their potential and achieve…


Fuerza Community Prep

70 S. Jackson Ave. San Jose, CA 95116

Rocketeers at Fuerza Community Prep are inspired to relentlessly achieve excellence. Through rigorous instruction, deep partnership with parents, and ganas, we unleash independent, critically-thinking, and socially-active citizens who transform themselves and their community.


Discovery Prep

370 Wooster Ave. San Jose, CA 95116

At Rocketship Discovery Prep, we believe that teaching students creative expression has a profound impact on their social, emotional, and academic development. In addition to rigorous instruction in math, science, reading, and social studies, our Rocketeers are exposed to visual art, musical foundations, and dance. Our emphasis on creative expression helps shape our Rocketeer's values,…


Brilliant Minds

2960 Story Rd San Jose, CA 95116

Rocketship Brilliant Minds is a proud and powerful community of parents, teachers, and students working together to build a brighter future for our kids and community. We celebrate “initiative” at our school and teach our Rocketeers to stand up, speak up, and take control of their future.


Alma Academy

198 W Alma Ave. San Jose, CA 95110

Community spirit helped open Rocketship Alma in 2012 and it remains a cornerstone of the school’s identity today. Rocketeers at Alma learn to become change makers in their community who are fearless in their pursuit of equity and excellence. At Rocketship Alma, our soul is committed to service.


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